There are a lot of S.M. Marketing method over the virtual world .Face book, Twitter, You Tube, Linked In most important among them. Below some details about them.

– Face book Application

1. Build an account & Creating proper Fan Pages / Groups .

O n face book Creating proper Fan Pages / Groups means creating a business page & claiming your face book place. It is better if you keep your main face book profile linked to your business page.

3. Advertise here (paid advertisement)

4. Targeting people from specific GEO locations/Cities

5. Updating status

6. Adding many friends + Communicating with them

7. Give update about your products

8. Add or delete admin on your page

9.Create content on a regular basis that engages your audience .Spend some time finding & building your audience on this plat forms

About twitter

  1. 1.      Build an account & customize it On Twitter , this means creating an account for your business.

2. Build your audience

3. Increase (targeted) follower

4. Give update about your products

5. Un-follow who not follow you

6. Re tweets &  Mention.

Mention will show gratitude and let the person know you’re passing on their content/posts.)

7. Send message who to follow you

8. 9.Create content  on a regular basis that engages your audience .For twitter , advanced search option is better.

  • 9. “The #Hashtag” (If you want to talk about a #subject, #location or #person (without linking to their Twitter account), use the #Hashtag.
  • A #Hashtag can be used to emphasise a specific part of your Tweet, and generally adds context to any content or comments you might be posting.)

About YouTube

1. Create video (coming soon)

2. Post on YouTube (before posting your video copy on you tube we think What Works
don’t reinvent the wheel. We spend some time watching YouTube videos and learn what works. What are the videos in your market with more views, better ratings and more comments? Why are they successful? Who are the users with the most subscribers? Why?)

3. Increase viewer

4. Customize Your Channel
before uploading your videos, we customize your channel (profile) and make it look nice. Include some info about you and a link to your site.

5.Use Keywords
The best way to help people find your videos is by including your keywords in them.

Usually we do it this way ,for example:

Title: How to Motivate People
Description: – Do you want to know how to motivate people? This video reveals the 3 secrets of people motivation.
Tags: how to motivate people, motivate people, people motivation, motivate employees

6. Add Your URL to the Description
We add your the “http://” version of your URL to the beginning of your video description so people can click on your link and visit your site.

7. Soft-Sell
We wouldn’t ask people to buy your stuff after watching your videos. Most people aren’t ready for this. We do plan your marketing funnel and we hope you’ll see a much better response. This is a example:

Watch YouTube Video > Go to My Blog to Watch More Videos > Sign Up to Get My Exclusive Videos > Try to Sell Them a Low-Ticket Item > Try to Sell a High-Ticket Item to Those Who Bought from You Before

8. Use Multiple Calls to Action
these are ours favorite calls to action to use on YouTube:

  • Subscribe to my videos.
  • Visit my blog for more great videos.
  • Follow me on Twitter.
  • Please post your comments.
  • Send this video to your friends.
  • Please rate this video.
  • Check out my channel.

9. Promote Your Videos
uploading videos to YouTube isn’t enough. You need to promote them. These are some ideas how we do it:

  • Embed your videos in your blog.
  • Promote your videos on Twitter.
  • Email your YouTube link to your friends and contacts.
  • Ask people you know to tell their lists and contacts.
  • Write an article about your video and post it to article directories and forums.
  • Post your video to LinkedIn, Face book and your other social networks.

10. Participate With Others on YouTube

We Spend time looking around on YouTube and make friends for you. Visit the competition and see what they are doing well and not doing so well. Engage with others on YouTube who are relevant you and try to engage them with you and your brand, which helps spread your information.

11.  Share Your Videos in Other Places

We share your videos on your website, blog, tweets and Face book page. This is once again where your thumbnail, tags, title and keywords are important to further encourage interaction with your video and your brand. Videos are effective on Facebook landing pages welcoming people to your brand. Tweet the link of your newest video to your Twitter audience. Video blogs are becoming more and more popular. The possibilities are endless.

12.  Measure

We use YouTube free analytics tools to provide you with a quick snapshot look at the results of your video.You can track the number of views, the demographics of the viewers, and also how people found your video,for measuring the success of your video.

About link din

  • If you have a LinkedIn profile, we keep it updated.
  • We Fill your profile with colorful language, not drab
  • We write to first person, not third. 
  • We ask you to upload the same photo you use elsewhere online or we do it by our self. 
  •  We join to various group for you.
  •  We create ask and answer questions to engage your people. 
  • We don’t accept every connection request without relevant.  We don’t mirror your LinkedIn network with other social networks.
  •  We recommend your connections.
  •  We ask your connections to recommend you. 
  • We add applications to your profile.
  •  Most importantly, we act like a person, not a robot.                                                                                                                                    Thanks for reading it,                                                                                                                                                                                                            MRP SOFT

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